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Submitted papers must consider: 1.- Abstract, 2.- Introduction, 3.- Development of the research, 4.- Conclusions, and 5.- References
The format of papers follows Springer proceedings for conferences, available in:
Title of the paper (should be precise and short.) Use capital letters.
Name of authors, their institutions, mailing address, and electronic mail of the correspondent author.
Abstract of the article in no more than 500 words.
Keywords: up to 6 keywords
Paper length: 6 pages max (without the references). The file size should not exceed 5 MiB.
Authors can choose to write their papers in Spanish, Portuguese or English.


Oral presentations should strictly comply with the content of the corresponding paper. The duration of the presentation will be determined before the event. Speakers must be registered in the conference, just like any other attendee. Proposals may be presented preferentially in English but also in Portuguese or Spanish.


Reception of abstracts and articles will be by the CAS 2023 Program Committee. Therefore, they should be submitted to the conference submission system:

The CAS 2023 Program Committee will evaluate the received abstracts and papers.

Accepted papers will be published in the CAS 2023 conference proceedings, available online after the event.


The conference theme for the International Conference Sustainable America 2023 (CAS 2023) is contributions to regional cooperation, social innovation and environmental restoration for sustainable development in Latin America. However, a broad range of topics is included, such as:

1. Sustainable production and logistics
2. Ecodesign
3. Circular economy
4. Regional integration and cooperation
5. Carbon footprint
6. Territorial development
7. Social innovation
8. Demographic projections
9. Reduce emissions to the environment
10. Adaptation to climate change
11. Finance environmental restoration

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